What we will be seeing this Fall 2013!

We are going to give you some insight on what is hot for Fall 2013, trends that are going to either shoot off like a firecracker or fizzle out like a bad dream. Some looks like—modern leopard prints, strategic layering, winter whites—surely will have mass appeal, others might have little influence on the masses (case in point: drastically oversize overcoats). Also, we will tell you whether we like them or not.

The New Leopard: Leopard prints may conjure up slightly dated “Real Housewives” visions, but for fall 2013 it is at the top of the list for top designers. Designers like DKNY and Giambattista Valli, and they have put a cool modern stamp on the motif.
This is going to have a fairly strong appeal factor and even though most of us wont be purchasing the high fashion designer piece with such a notice- me print, other fashion stores will definitely produce their own take. People who don’t pay close attention to fashion or even follow trends wont notice its actually different from the flashy traditional leopard prints they have come to know.
leopard top

Colored Fur: As you have seen on Pretty Wicked Mom’s Emily- the owner of hot boutique Swank in Atlanta, GA wear some very pretty pieces that we love. Fur is making a bold come back. Even though we are used to the natural colors often worn, that is not what caught fashion writers eye. It was the use of bold colors in jackets at Monique Lhuillier and Tom Ford, to the saturated fur scarves at Marni and Roksanda Illincic.
If shoppers decide to invest in a fur coat or scarf, we bet they’re sticking to black or brown. We are pretty sure high-street stores will put out plenty of colored faux fur come fall, but we anticipate quite a lot of women adopting a “I could never pull it off” mentality. Since most of us think that way on a normal basis especially when looking at some of these pieces on the models.

Black and White separates: Fashions chicest pairing- black and white- is a major front runner for Fall 2013. For this style you will see it most often shown using contrasting separates in different shapes, capped off with some interesting monochromatic accessories.
Considering almost everyone has at least one solid black and one solid white piece, right? We would think this would be a more appealing and easy to master style. Plus, it’s not particularly trendy, and it doesn’t require a great deal of commitment or cash.

The “IT” Layer: Layering in general is SUPER HOT, with loads of designers showcasing shirts under sweaters under jacks under coats. Although, what you will see most this fall will be a long sleeve top- a turtleneck or button down, mostly- underneath a structured tee or three-quarter- sleeve shirt with a round neck. Overall, this look adds a modern, fashion forward edge to otherwise fairly uneventful staples.
Fashion followers will for sure wear this trend, but since its not a one garment deal, people have to seek out the pieces to achieve the look. However, most of us do have a turtleneck or a button- down, and we are already seeing tons of structured tops with cropped sleeves. So women may actually test out this trend as long as they have easy access to the components.

Knee-high Boots: Our favorite trend that we are dying to get into the store! For the past few years, it seems women have by passed high heeled boots for the more modern- feeling booties, but that’s set to change come this fall. Lots of designers have breathed new life into structured to the knee boots decked with chunky heels, often pairing them with swingy mini skirts and dresses and over sized tops.
Knee-high flat boots never really went out of style, so we know the shape isn’t something women inherently shy away from. After several years of ankle booties being in style we believe women will welcome the vertical climb, especially when styled with new shapes and silhouettes, this will make tall boots feel new and fresh.
Naturalizer Riding Boots

Same- Print Mixing: Over the past year opposing prints have been popular on runways- think chevron and florals for example- they are taking a different route this fall. Several designers showcased the same print or similar prints in different sizes and colors, and paired them together.
In most cases women think mixing two or more separates with the same print might appear too busy for the average consumer, we are betting on several labels and stores watering this trend down a bit. Some instances include Zara and H&M have shown printed blouses whose sleeves or collars feature the same print as the body but in a different color or size.

Pink, Pink, Pink: It is astonishing the amount of looks that feature shades of pink. Dresses, outerwear, suites, and basic sportswear were all interpreted using the color, with countless designers counter balancing its sweetness with innovative modern silhouettes.
There are lots of women who swear they wold never touch this divisive hue with a 10-foor-pole- we are banking on the fact that it will show up in ways that are consumer friends. Examples like denim, pencil skirts, slouchy pants, etc.

Chic Sweatshirts: The luxe sweatshirt trend we have come to know over the past year isn’t going anywhere, from designers like Karen Walker, Rebecca Minkoff, and Matthew Williamson that are showcasing their own versions. They often paired them with swingy skirts or skinny trousers.
This is going to go viral, we’ve already seen a huge influx of “fashion” sweatshirts this year. It was the designer sweatshirts that were the first to sell out in Targets two most recent collections, indicating folks are still hungry for chic sweats.

Winter-Whites: White was a MAJOR force on fall runways, with designers showcasing head-to-toe looks using modern separates in varying shades of stark, ivory, and cream.
While many fashion conscious shoppers are caught up in the hackneyed “no white after labor day” rule, we have a feeling that might begin to change. We see pale coats, jeans, boxy sweaters, and accessories being standouts. Although, winter-white shoes- that were all over the runways on show goers’ feet- might not catch on as quickly.

Some fashion forecast trends that have a slim to fair mass-appeal factor are; Bokeh prints- a photography term for what looks like blurred lights- most pieces were evening ready-dresses and skirts. The under-arm bag tuck- even though labels like Prada and Givenchy started using it in print campaigns, we don’t think anyone else is going to go along with buying a bag with handles, only to shove it under your arm and grip it from the bottom. Overcoats, over sized, not merely a bit loose, falls overcoats are drastically over sized, with dropped shoulders, extra-long cuffs, and large lapels. Since dramatically large coats only go with certain outfits- that goes against the idea of an all-purpose piece of outerwear.  These trends will have a harder time catching on for the obvious reasons. Your more fashion conscious women will follow a little closer to trends but in your everyday life these trends will more than likely not be an eye catcher.

Hope this helps you in preparation for Fall 2013 and as you build your wardrobe. Feel free to contact us on any topics you would like to see discussed, and also check out our websites www.shopmartins.com and www.thedenimshop.com.


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